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Here is Why Kashmir is The Safest Place For Solo Female Travellers

Kashmir, the paradise on earth is not only rich with beauty, but corroborations of brotherhood and culture are equally opulent with Kashmiris. Kashmir is often called the “warmest place on earth”, for the hospitality and congeniality provided to their guests. The safety and well-being in Kashmir are as equal as being placed in your mother’s lap, so called as “Mauj Kasheer” (Mother Kashmir). Kashmir is blessed to be a place with trifling indices of crime against women. Unlike, in India where there is so much negative for the safety of women; Kashmiri’s make sure that every girl/woman who comes to be a part of their beauty is being treated as their daughter/sister. There may be a topographic conflict in the state, rest assured with authority that Kashmiri hospitality is world renowned and a guest is treated as equally as a family member with an open heart. Kashmir is safer than safe for any solo girl traveller who comes to perceive the glimpse of heaven on earth. So, if you’re planning to check out a part of heaven, don’t be afraid of anything, red cheeks will make your stay a comfortable one!

Kanika Gupta
Annapurna Menon
Bela Desai